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Kanarra Falls | Kanarraville, Utah

If you don’t have time to hike The Narrows at Zion National Park, then Kanarra Falls is a great alternative to check out! According to others, these slot canyons are the baby version of The Narrows.

Kanarra Falls is located in Kanarraville, Utah and is about a one hour drive from our Airbnb in St. George. We thought it would be a really cool experience since The Narrows were closed.

In order to hike this trail, you need a permit, which you can get here. They only give out 150 permits each day, so get them early! After arriving, we parked, got our permits checked and started up towards the trailhead. The first bit of the hike consisted of an incline gravel hill that takes you up to the actual trailhead.

It was an easy hike through the shallow waters. Occasionally we’d get lost because there would be a footpath that looked like a trail, but end up not leading anywhere. There weren’t really any signs telling us which direction to go so we just followed the river. You’ll need a bit of patience and time to find the right direction, but honestly it’s all part of the fun!

There was a ton of shade from tree cover and the water was cold but not to the point of being unbearable. I recommend wearing water shoes for this hike. Juliet wore sneakers and ended up getting some rocks in her shoe, which made it painful to walk.

After about an hour, we reached the best part of the hike – slot canyons! Just standing on the outside looking in, I was in awe. These rock formations were incredible! I loved the silhouettes created by the rocks and the different shades of brown. The temperature dropped dramatically and it got darker, but the sun peaked in from the top, lighting the way. I had never seen slot canyons in person so it was really cool to witness.

It wasn’t a very long hike to get to the waterfalls so we took our time walking through, just taking in everything. Once you reach the first waterfall, there’s a man-made ladder that you can climb up to see the second waterfall.

Not going to lie, this ladder was a bit sketchy. I took it very slow, just in case the ladder wasn’t very stable.

The second waterfall was smaller. We continued climbing up another ladder to explore more, but we decided to turn back because we were tired.

If Kanarra Falls was this beautiful, I can’t imagine how even more beautiful The Narrows hike would be. Hopefully I can go back to Zion National Park in the future to check it out!


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