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Camping at June Lake, California


Have I ever told you that my family used to go camping all the time? Not glamping, but pitch a tent, cook your own food, sleep on the floor kind of camping. Real camping.

It’s been years since I’ve gone camping. With my family friends visiting from Taiwan, we (me, my parents, and 3 family friends) did a pretty intense 1.5 week California trip from Los Angeles to June Lake to Yosemite National Park to Bay area. I’ll tell you about Yosemite and the Bay area in later posts. For now, I want to tell you about camping at June Lake because when we left Los Angeles, the weather said it was supposed to rain while we were at June Lake and Yosemite.

June Lake is located in Mono County, California. It is located in the middle of Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, and Yosemite National Park. It was about a 6-hour drive from Los Angeles. All the photos in this post are not edited, and the clouds are so alive!

Pitching the tent is fun. I’m not great at hammering the tent to the ground, but I can assemble the tent in a jiffy. My mom has to sleep on this queen air mattress, so my dad is lucky that he’s coupled up with her. Cindy (my family friend who is closest in age to me) and I had a single air mattress that you had to blow up to inflate, so we put that where our heads were and the rest of our bodies were on the floor. Not the most uncomfortable thing, but still… I would prefer having a mattress and a pillow.

We were supposed to camp for two nights, but only camped one night and spent the other at an inn because it rained so hard. It was freaking cold and miserable! The other tent where my aunt and uncle stayed was rained on so bad that they ended up sleeping in the car.

My mom was the one who planned this trip. I was a little surprised she allotted so much time for camping because it isn’t her favorite thing to do – sleeping in a tent, that is. She did a great job on calculating the amount of food to bring. We finished all the food in a timely fashion without any of it going to waste. Some of my favorite food items on the road trip:

  • Seaweed salad from Costco
  • Matcha Almond Beverage from Trader Joe’s
  • Asian bread

This area is quite cold still in the middle of May. I was wrapped up in a sweater or jacket, long pants, and socks the entire time we were out there.

It’s also such a zen place to hang out around. Most people either went fishing or walking. There are so many other lakes nearby to visit. I’d go back and swim in Mono Lake because that lake has 10% salinity (compared to the Pacific Ocean’s 3.5% salinity). This means that if you go swimming, you float without having to do any work. Actually, don’t even bother doing work because you’re going to float anyways!

I enjoyed my time at June Lake. Not the most exciting place to be, but I liked that we went camping again. I’d love to go camping with some friends and see what that is like. I’m already thinking about it for when I’m back on the East Coast.

Wait for my next post about Yosemite!



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