Juliet’s February 2019 in Photos | Challenge #006

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My February 2019 challenge was to walk more, at least 10-20 minutes every day. I used to walk at least 3 miles every day back in college, but now with a car and on this road trip, I get lazy or too tired to stretch my legs. I walked the most this month out of all the other months on my road trip, and I took photos to share!

Puerto Rico

One of my favorite places in the world, Vieques: it’s got beautiful art, sunny weather, friendliest people… ugh, I miss Vieques so much!

Street art in the Santurce neighborhood of San Juan

(left) Vieques was used as military training practice until the 2000s. There are signs up just in case residents and visitors run into something suspicious, like a bomb.

(right) random cove on the side of the road

(left) I watched a Puerto Rican charity baseball game one evening. They didn’t have uniforms and both teams shared bats and gloves. I loved the “we are here to have fun and raise money” mentality.

(right) Another beach, another warning (but this time about the strength of the waves)

(left) In March, I’ll be taking pictures of everything I throw away to see how much crap I consume. I wanted to do it in February, but forgot after this one picture.

(middle) Maite, who I met on Vieques and hung out with in Old San Juan

(right) 32-ounce mojitos that I got with a bunch of new friends on Vieques. We actually drank 2 32-ounce mojitos each…


My friend Jinn showed me her favorite art gallery in Miami Design District. I loved how this artist used space outside of his canvas.

Rest of Florida

Tampa and Saint Petersburg

A vintage shop in Gainesville

Atlanta, Georgia

AlterEgo Pilates & Fitness Studio: They are the creators of trap fitness, which is surprisingly great music to workout to!

(left) Ocean Pyramid from Budi’s Sushi

(right) My favorite studio that I found through ClassPass: The Training Room. If I ever moved to Atlanta, I’d want to train with Bee.

National Center for Civil & Human Rights is one of my favorite museums – so impactful.

Things you see in Atlanta

My second Airbnb in Atlanta


xo Juliet

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