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My friend who is currently in Malaysia recently asked me for some exercises to do around her apartment, and I figured… why not turn it into a post? I recruited my roommate Steph to workout with me and present a few of the exercises to you guys!

Lunge variations:
Forward lunges, Bulgarian split lunge on both sides

Note: make sure your front leg is bending in 90 degrees

Squat variations:
Regular, squat + kick, sumo squat, sumo squat w/ raised heel (both sides), pistol squats (both sides)

1) Sit all the way down with both balls and heels flat on the ground
2) Your knees should not go over your toes
3) When coming back up, push through your heels

Pilates grasshoppers: put your head face down into your arms & lift your lower body off the mat
Note: relax your shoulders as much as possible

Chest press: hold a weight and push it in and out in front of you

Single-arm chest fly: pass a weight from one hand to another with feet either on the ground (beginner level), bended (intermediate level), or pointed and straight (advanced level)

Circle 8s: in an 8 motion, pass a weight through your legs

Hand-to-feet pass:
Note: make sure your lower back in flat on the ground at all times

Try out these moves & let me know how you guys do! Feel free to also comment on your favorite exercises/activities to do, and whether you’d like me to post some new exercises from time to time.

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XO Juliet

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