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A Weekend in Taiwan: Hiking & Swimming

There’s so much of Taiwan I haven’t seen yet. So one weekend, my friend and I went to check out Anle District 安樂區 and Jinshan District 金山區 to do some light hiking and chill at the beach, respectively. It was cloudy that day, but we made it work!

Our first stop was to the Lover’s Lake Park in Keelung. There are multiple ways to get there, either from the front entrance or the side. You can park at the front of the park and take a short walk in. We took the long way via the Haixing trail. First, we parked right by Dawulan beach and walked to the trailhead. From here to Lover’s Lake Park takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you climb up the stairs.

Lover’s lake is a small lake that has a cute bridge in the middle where you can walk across and take photos. We did a big loop around Lover’s Lake and then continued onto Eagle Rock. You can see a great view of Dawulan beach and the mountains (see header photo at the top of the post).

Then we looped around to Lover’s Tower where you can see a 360º view of the mountains and the ocean. By this point, we were getting pretty hungry, so we went in search for food!

Guihou Fish Market 龜吼漁夫市集 is a food court-style market. Most of these restaurants serve pretty much the same thing, so you can either pick a random one that calls out to you or go with someone who knows where to eat. We went to the restaurant at the back corner and ordered some fresh sashimi, fried rice, stir-fried seaweed, and oyster soup. It was delicious and cheap!

Jinshan District is only about a 20-minute drive away, so after lunch we went to check out the mysterious beach. There’s a little steep hill that you have to climb down, but once you make it down safely, you’re there!

It was really nice because there were only a few people besides us there. The water was a little bit chilly, but so refreshing. If you have a day to kill, these are some great places for you to check out in Northern Taipei!


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