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Hiking in Beitou with the family!

Last Sunday, I went hiking with my dad, brother, and his girlfriend. My dad flew back to Taiwan for a couple of days for vacation, so I figured why not go hiking together? That would be a fun activity to do as family.

I have a love/hate relationship with hiking. It’s the type of activity that is fun and worth it if I’m with the right company. I always feel a sense of excitement when I think about hiking because not only do you get some good cardio in, but you also get to take photos of the beautiful views at the top. Looking through Instagram, I always see a bunch of awesome shots people take when they go hiking and it makes me want to hike as well to experience the beautiful scenery. However, when the day comes and I start up the mountain, I begin to regret my decision and feelings about hiking because of how tiring and boring it is. Usually thoughts like, “Why did I think this was a good idea?” or “This is so tiring, are we almost there yet?!” run through my mind as I’m climbing up to the top. It makes it all worthwhile though, if I’m with people who make it fun and I enjoy their company.

We decided to hike up a mountain in Beitou, which is north of Taipei. The trail wasn’t too difficult and we reached two different viewing areas within 2ish hours of hiking. The day was super humid and slightly foggy, so the view wasn’t the best. It was still pretty satisfying to get to the top and be able to see out into the city.

Here is a quick video of our hiking trail and view!

After hiking, we went to have lunch at 水龜伯古早味店, which sells both meal type food and dessert. We each ordered an individual sized bowl of hot pot with rice and it was delicious! I was so full. Then we headed next door to where they sold dessert, such as 豆花 (tofu pudding) and mochi.

Overall, it was a successful day of exercise and good food. Till the next adventure!


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