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Pit Stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The drive from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh is a very long one, so I took a pit stop in Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. I wasn’t expecting Harrisburg to have one of the prettiest state capitol that I’ve ever seen.

Not much of the state capitol was available to the public. There were so many intricate details everywhere. The centerpiece was inspired by Michelangelo’s design for St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

One thing I noticed about all the state capitals I’ve visited: they are quite empty, almost ghost-town status. It’s like when you visit any big city and people say, “Oh yeah, the financial district is quite empty on the weekends.” To me, that sounds like an opportunity for development!

Harrisburg is a quiet city, but if you’re ever around, definitely visit the state capitol!


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