Lowell-ite for a Day

Saturday, October 26, 2013

When Bella invited me to give her high school adviser a campus tour together, I thought about the last time I gave one. It was less than a week after the Boston Marathon bombings. The city of Boston and most of the educational institutions were pretty much shut down, and Boston University advised students to stay in their rooms and only go to the dining hall if necessary. I was restless and decided to study at the dining hall while I waited for my friend to join me. On my way to the dining hall, I ran into a lost father-daughter pair who were here for a campus tour that was canceled due to the bombings. I was bored so I took them on a two-hour campus tour. During the tour, my roommate called me and asked me, “Where are you? You aren’t in the room and you aren’t in the common area and I’m a bit worried.” I said, “I’m giving a campus tour to a father and daughter because their official one was canceled.” And she starts yelling at me. Out of love, of course.

Since some of the Lowell-ites couldn’t make it, I became a substitute Lowell-ite. At first I felt odd that Bella invited me because I didn’t go to school anywhere near Lowell (she’s from San Francisco and I’m from Arcadia in southern California), but I went anyways and I’m glad I did. They kept calling themselves Lowell-ites, and I kept hearing “low-lifes”, and I thought, “Uh, that’s not something I would call myself…”

We had lunch at Bon Chon in Allston. We had the must-eat chicken combo with half hot sauce and half ginger, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), and caterpillar maki. I listened while the three of them talk about Lowell, and it was nice to see that there are high school advisers who know their students. I don’t even know my high school counselor. I don’t even remember if I had one. To my high school counselor: if you ever come to Boston, I guess… track me down? I’d like to meet you.

After lunch, Bella and I took Mr. Lee and Calvin on a tour of Boston University. Calvin didn’t really need one because he’s been on our campus enough to know where everything is, but he came along for the fun anyways. We walked from West to East Campus, and along the way we ran into several Lowell-ites. It feels like there are more Lowell-ites than there are Arcadians, and I think there are already too many Arcadians at Boston University.

I had fun meeting Mr. Lee and Calvin and taking them around Boston University. I learned several things: BU used to have a football team, Princeton is a difficult school to find one’s social niche, and sometimes it’s nice to just listen to other people talk.

My break from the rest of life was short-lived, and now it’s back to work. I hope I can survive this week. The weather has been a little bit wacky which is affecting me, and I’ve been dealing with an insufferable headache for the past few days. May the force be with me.


Photos by Bella and Juliet

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