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Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike

How to make the most delicious ramen in your life:

  1. Hike Grand Canyon from rim to rim;
  2. Follow instructions on how to make ramen;
  3. Enjoy the most delicious bowl of ramen you’ll ever eat.

I recently went to Grand Canyon to hike the Rim-to-Rim trail with my dad, sister, her boyfriend, and my friend Paloma. My mom came along make sure we had enough food and water, and that someone would take care of us post-hike. Thank you to my sister for letting me post her beautiful photos of Grand Canyon!

First, you should check out my vlog of the trip:

Some highlights and crazy things of the hike:

  1. Hiking in 80-107 degrees Fahrenheit;
  2. We had enough food for the hike, but not enough of the good stuff;
  3. We ran out of water about an hour before we finished hiking;
  4. My dad suffering a mini heatstroke and getting sick;
  5. Ended up hiking until 1 am;
  6. Ran into a huge-ass elk sometime between 11 PM and midnight – scared us wide awake.

I never noticed this about myself until now. One of my managers previously told me that I am quite calm during a crisis, and while other people are freaking out, I’m ready for action and to figure out what to do to get out of situations.

In this case, the situation was making sure my dad ascended the mountain safely. I was scared because there were times where he was tipping over, and I worried that he was going to fall off the mountain. I ended up talking at my dad for about 4-5 hours while we hiked up to make sure he would stay awake. Man, I hope that worked out my abs a lot.

Besides me completing the hike, realizing this about myself is the second thing I’m proudest about. Even after a situation, I rarely freak out about what happened because the situation passed, so my feelings turn more into, “Whoa, that just happened” instead of “OH MY GOSH WHAT IS GOING ON?!”

If you ever plan on doing this hike, this is how I trained for almost a year:

  • Harvard stairs – I did this during the warmer months because training outdoors during the winter in Boston is too insane for me.
  • Stairmasters – go as long as you can, with or without a backpack carrying 25 pounds.
  • Treadmill with varying incline throughout the workout – go as long as you can, with or without a backpack carrying 25-30 pounds.
  • Lots of back and shoulder workouts to make sure I wouldn’t be super exhausted from carrying my backpack

There are plenty of other ways to train too, but this is the way I trained and I was only sore in my calves afterwards!

I highly encourage everybody to go out and explore the world that’s around them, whether that’s nearby cities or national parks. You learn so much about the world, people, and yourself. I have realized that the world is much bigger than me, there are many amazing human beings out there in the world, and I am grateful and humbled by every opportunity I get to go somewhere new and experience the world.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon, or the most memorable place you’ve ever been to!



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