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Gardens at Elm Bank

I’ve been more willing to go out and explore since it’s my last month left in Boston. Is that true for most people? When people settle in a place and call it home, they don’t feel the urgency to explore the entire city whenever possible. But then once you decide to leave a place, all of sudden there is a long list of things that you haven’t done yet.

Enya, her boyfriend Micah, and I went to Gardens at Elm Bank in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It reminded me a lot of Huntington Library, an educational and research institute located in Pasadena, California, because of the gorgeous gardens. The Gardens at Elm Bank is a bit smaller than the Huntington Library, but still beautiful.

A few years ago, you would not have caught me casually strolling around some garden and listening to animals. If I did end up some place similar to the Gardens at Elm Bank, I’d walk really fast to see everything in the fastest time possible and say, “Cool. What’s next?” I’ve definitely calmed down a lot more as time passes and am more okay with taking my time. I certainly don’t do it enough though. Are any of you guys like that too?

Countdown: two more weeks left in Boston! There’s a whole bunch of things I have to do before I set out, so slowing down and taking a break like this definitely helps.

xo Juliet

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