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When I first started my fitness journey, the only things I brought to the gym with me were the basics: my headphones, my phone and a water bottle. Over time, I began adding other essential items to the list that I needed to push through and have a successful workout. I want to share my five must haves for the gym with you. Maybe you’ll find the list helpful and you can add them to your own fitness essentials too!

Five Must Haves for the Gym:

  1. Headphones. Even though there is music playing at the gym, a part of me feels empty if I don’t have my headphones on and blasting music. It keeps me focused and drowns out any distracting noise (loud grunting noises, people talking, etc)
  2. Stopwatch. I recently started wearing a digital watch to keep track of time and the amount of time I spend resting between sets. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up getting distracted with my phone when I used it as a stopwatch. I’d be taking five minute long breaks without even realizing it. To prevent myself from even going there, I use my watch instead so I don’t even need to open up my phone. A stopwatch is also great for people who are running on a tight schedule.
  3. Water bottle. Can’t forget to bring a water bottle! I always have my one litre water bottle with me when I do any form of exercise because it’s important to stay hydrated when you work up a sweat.
  4. BCAAs. This is optional and based on each person’s preference but I started adding BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) to my water, which help with muscle recovery, support muscle growth and can also improve your workout intensity. Personally I enjoy the taste and I do see a difference in my energy levels when I drink BCAAs. Currently I use SciVation Xtend in Mango.
  5. Weight lifting gloves. I started wearing gloves after realizing how slippery my hands were when gripping dumbbells and other machines. They’re a personal preference too!

What are some of your gym essentials? Let me know down in the comments!


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