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My Fitness Journey: A New Perspective

It’s been a hot second since I made a post about my fitness journey so I thought I’d write a little update on how things are going. Last year, I focused on having a consistent schedule that I followed so I knew what I’d be accomplishing each day at the gym. It helped me stay motivated. Towards the end of the year, my motivation started to dwindle because it became something I mindlessly did and I lost sight of the reason I went to the gym in the first place. It’s interesting how the mindset you have can completely change the amount of motivation you have to achieve something.

A few weeks ago, a trainer approached me at the gym asking if I wanted to test what my current body composition was at and I agreed. The last time I checked was almost two years ago so I was interested to see where I stood in terms of my body fat to muscle ratio. To be quite honest, I was a bit scared to know the results. What if I didn’t improve at all? What if I didn’t gain any muscle mass in the last two years? But these were all irrational thoughts because I knew deep down that with the amount of work I put into these last two years, I would see at least the tiniest of changes in my body composition.

Guess what? I was right. I increased my muscle mass by 3%. Granted, that’s not a lot but I’m happy with the results. It fired up my motivation to continue to improve myself. I had a free session with said trainer who really opened my eyes to the small ways I could improve my form for certain exercises. I always knew that form was important but I never realized how much the tiny adjustments could impact the muscles I trained.

Fitness is just as much about your mental health as it is about your physical health. It goes hand in hand because how I feel about myself impacts my motivation to go to the gym. Working out then releases endorphins and makes me feel strong, happy, and healthy. It became something I need in my life to escape the stresses of life and to focus my mind on something else other than the craziness that goes on inside my own mind.

With that said, I’ve written down a few goals I set for myself that gets me even more pumped to go to the gym.

Improve my cardiovascular endurance. Back in high school, I was at my fittest because my touch rugby coach would make us run cross country as warm up for every practice and she expected us to finish under 20 minutes so we would push ourselves. I hated it every time we had to run but I’m grateful she put us through that because it made a difference in our games. My current mile time is 12:03 at 8:33 pace on the treadmill. My goal is to decrease my mile time to under 7 minutes. In order to do that, I started running one mile three times a week and increasing the speed on the treadmill each week. I’m also running for 30-45 minutes once a week.

Focus on form. Getting back to the basics and foundations of weight training. When I first started out, I didn’t have a trainer to teach me or tell me what I could improve. My only teacher was the mirror in front of me that showed me if my form was correct or not. With the help from the trainer, I was able to see where I could improve and now I focus on perfecting my form so I can properly target the right muscles and improve my strength.

Remind myself the reasons I work out. This is a continuous goal that will motivate me to keep moving. I’m the type of person who can easily end up do things mindlessly so I have to actively remind myself to focus on the task at hand to really be present.

What are some of your fitness goals? I’d love to know!!

Annie x

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