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First 5K. Eeks?!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Before the race!
Before the race!

A round of applause for Annie, who finished the Boston Ezperanza 5K in 26 minutes 28 seconds, which is her fastest record! As for me, I’d rather not say how slow I ran, so let’s just give me a pat on the back for surviving.

(Annie: For the record, Juliet did not run that slow – she’s just too hard on herself.)

To me, running is such a lonely and kind of a boring sport. It’s a sport that requires a lot of discipline to keep pushing forward. Another reason I’m not the biggest fan of running is because I hate sweating. Odd, because I can push through the sweat when I’m playing basketball or soccer or most other sports.

Even though I knew I didn’t like running, I signed up with the hopes that my feelings have changed since high school. It didn’t. However, I am proud that I finished the 5K and I would sign up for more 5Ks.

Written by Juliet

Let me just begin by saying that I am proud of both Juliet and myself for completing a 5K. This was the first 5K in a while that we have ever ran and I think we did pretty well considering the number of times we’ve trained over the past few weeks to prepare for this race. I had set a goal for myself to beat my time of 26.58 and am happy that I was able to successfully accomplish that goal. This 5K not only made me work hard towards a healthy goal, it also made me go to the gym more (let’s be honest here – how hard is it to voluntarily go to the gym?). Overall, I had a really fun experience running and I would definitely run another 5K again…maybe even next month!

Written by Annie

Photo Oct 05, 9 32 29 AM
Look at how happy we are for finishing the race!

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