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Find Your Fit: Pilates

There’s a style of fitness for everybody – you just need to find it. Enter our new series, Find Your Fit. We’ll be introducing a variety of exercises such as gym workouts, barre, boxing, and more. Some exercises we’ve been doing for years, and others will be our first time. Good or bad, we’re here to explore the world of fitness together. Join us on our journey and find your perfect fit!

My sister was the one who introduced me to Cassey Ho and blogilates. Blogilates is how I became more serious about my health and fitness. She is what started my journey to find my fit, so I thought it was apt to kick off the series with her and Pilates.

Pilates is a great exercise to start with. I’ve used my Pilates foundation for a lot of other fitness styles, such as yoga and barre. It’s like learning to play the violin, and then just learning the different strings and hand postures if you transfer over to another string instrument.


  • Mat
  • Light weights 2-5 lbs

About Pilates

Everything I learned about Pilates, I learned from Cassey. Cassey is big on good form – that way you can get the most out of your workout and not injure yourself. Here are the key things to remember when doing Pilates:

You gotta be able to breathe, so don’t cut your airway off.

It’s important to keep your neck, chin, and chest in line with one another and open. That’s why if you do push-ups and planks, fitness instructors tell you to look at the area above your fingertips. Keep in mind:

  • If you do an exercise with fingers behind your head, make sure you cannot see your arms. It helps keep the airway open.
  • Do not tuck your chin into your chest. Lift it up. Remember: you are human and need to breathe.

Protect your lower back: keep it curved.

This rule really depends on what type of exercise you are doing. For yoga and Pilates and barre, the right form is to curve that lower back. If you’re on the ground, press that lower back into the ground. Protecting your back will also engage your core and make your workout even more effective! Promise.

3 Favorite Series/Videos from Cassey

Nowadays, Cassey creates workout series, such as apartment-friendly or inspired by superheroines or bootcamps. I’ve listed below 3 series and videos that I really enjoyed:(Note: if you aren’t into bubbly, positive fitness instructors, this channel isn’t for you.)

1. Series: Muscle Isolation

She has a series that is 5 exercises to isolate a specific muscle group. I’m not sure whether the series is complete yet, but she has videos for butt, shoulders, back arm fat, chest, inner thighs, and lower abs. <include lower abs>

2. Series: Celebrity Workouts

Another series is celebrity workouts. Sometimes celebrity trainers will list their workouts, and Cassey tests whether they are effective! My favorite out of that one was Meghan Markle’s Arm, Butt & Ab Routine:

3. Video with her sister Jackelyn

This isn’t a series, but I love it when Cassey’s sister Jackelyn Ho comes on the channel and works out with her. Jackelyn is also a certified fitness instructor, so she knows her stuff. The both of them exude so much positive vibes.

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