November 2017 Favorites

Thoughts of the Month

Juliet: If you’ve read my post Midnight Rambles, you probably get a sense of how hard 2017 was for me. After writing that post and talking to the boy, it really felt like this cloud that was hovering over me started to dissipate. I’m not back to my best self, but I’m feeling good and I feel like I can smile freely again. Funny, isn’t it? Smile freely?

Things We’ve Been Enjoying


  • Switchfoot, a band I used to listen to a lot in middle school released a new song called “I Won’t Let You Go” ft. Lauren Daigle and now I’m loving this awesome band again. Thank you for being nostalgic but also putting out new music that makes me happy. A few other new favorites: “Let It Out” and “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”.
  • Teaser trailer for Incredibles 2 which comes out June 15, 2018. So excited! Waited too long for this.


  • Demi Lovato’s YouTube documentary Simply Complicated is quite good. I knew about her troubles with alcohol, drugs, and eating disorders, but didn’t realize the extent of it. After watching this, I have more respect for her!

Let us know in the comments below what you’ve been enjoying or thinking about this week!

– Annie & Juliet

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