Weekly Favorites: June 26-July 2

Thoughts of the Week

Juliet: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can’t do anything but laugh because I feel like I have issues with travel about 80% of the time. I arrived back to Boston on Monday morning instead of Sunday night because I missed my bus due to the Pride Parade and New York traffic. Le sigh – that’s all I can do. I’m glad that I don’t cry at the first sign of trouble though and always manage to keep my shit together.

Things We’ve Been Enjoying


  • Johnny Manuel’s America’s Got Talent audition singing “I Got Nothing” by Whitney Houston
  • Nigahiga uploaded a new video about over dramatic people that’s pretty funny and clever!


  • If you ever need a laugh, check out James Fridman’s Twitter. He’s a graphic designer that helps people edit photos per their request… kind of.
  • I was watching this leading ladies interviews on Blank on Blank, which is where people take interviews with cultural icons and transform them into animated short films, and realized that that’s why I love our “Person of Interest” series so much. It lets us dive into another person’s world and understand them better.
  • I’ve been loving Imagine Dragons lately, and fell in love with Sam Tsui’s Imagine Dragons Mashup.

Let us know in the comments below what you’ve been enjoying or thinking about this week!

– Annie & Juliet

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