Monthly Favorites: December 2013


  • Feelin’ productive
  • Last hangout with a few people on my team
  • the moment I saw my puppy when I walked in the front door
  • Sleepin’ in like no other
  • Delicious homemade food
  • Blessed to be able to go back to Singapore and visit my old home (which has been drastically renovated) and my old daycare (which looks exactly the same)
  • Finishing my first book in forever (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – check it out, it is an amazing book!)
  • being grateful for a great year with awesome people. Can’t wait to see what another year will bring!

  • Sleeping a lot more.
  • Finished with Core! Buh-bye, see you never again. Although I did think of a better Core product after Core was finished. Of course.
  • Back at home in California for the holidays! Except my house is colder than my Boston apartment.
  • I love spreading around smiles and laughter, so I started a #classicjuliet campaign, where I will try to make whoever views my Snapchat smile or laugh.
  • Yuan Zai is the newest panda born at Taiwan Zoo and she is freakin’ adorable! Check out videos on YouTube and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with her too.
  • Current book: Black Boy by Richard Wright
  • I’m going to grow my hair out. I will grow my hair out!

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