Weekly Favorites: April 24-30

Thoughts of the Week

Juliet: There’s been a challenge that I have always wanted to tackle and my close friends have wanted me to do: MORE DATING. I think I’m ready for more dating…

Things We’ve Been Enjoying


  • This interesting article about love and relationships. Unconditional relationships are what I strive to build in my own life.
  • Oldie but goodie. This article talks about living in a technological world and how it negatively affects our relationships with people.


  • I am a huge Kobe Bryant fan – lived in the Lakers era when I was still living in California. One thing I’ve come to respect him for is the dedication to the game of basketball, and cold calling people who are great in their different fields, learning from them, and applying them to basketball. More info: video about his new animation, NY Times with Kobe & Arianna Huffington
  • Went on a movie trailer binge this week:

Let us know in the comments below what you’ve been enjoying or thinking about this week!

– Annie & Juliet

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