Weekly Favorites: April 10-16

Thoughts of the Week

Juliet: What a long week! I’m currently studying for a data scientist certification, and studying isn’t my strong suit. Counting down till the days to London (insert wiggle dance).

Annie: I’ve had an up and down week. Beginning of the week started out bleh but towards the end I felt better. Sometimes I get these waves of lethargy that I have a hard time shaking, where I just don’t feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. On a brighter note, my dad is back for a few days, so we’re hanging out. We haven’t had some good ol’ father/daughter bonding time in a while so it’s nice. Hope you all had a good week!

Things We’ve Been Enjoying



  • The Art of Manliness’ episode on Doing More with Less. I was interested in hearing the difference between a “chaser” and a “stretcher”, and how to keep a stretcher mentality even if you hit the big times.
  • I usually start my morning by reading The Skimm, which delivers news every morning to my inbox. They break down complex situations around the world into words that I understand – highly recommend you guys to subscribe!
  • Cat shark on a Roomba – cause why not?

Let us know in the comments below what you’ve been enjoying or thinking about this week!

– Annie & Juliet

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