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My Top 5 Favorites Hikes in Northern Taiwan

Hiking has become one of my favorite outdoor activities to do in Taiwan. It gives me an excuse to get out of the city and breathe some fresh air up in the mountains. Working out at the gym can get a little boring after awhile so I like to mix things up and do other forms of physical activity to keep my body guessing and engaged In different ways. There are an abundance of trails to explore and I’m excited to go on as many as I possibly can!

I want to share my 5 favorite hiking spots I’ve been to so far and maybe you’ll find one that you’d like to hike while in Taiwan. Check out the list below!

1. Wuliaojian 五寮尖

This trail is at a moderate level of difficulty because while it requires you to pull yourself up and down with ropes on parts of the hike, there are also flat dirt paths, big rocks, and stairs to add variety. This was by far one of my favorite hikes I’ve done so far. There are 11 milestones on the hike and we ended up reaching all of them except milestone 10 because at milestone nine, it splits off into either milestone 10 or 11. I recommend bringing some gloves to help you better grip the ropes when you climb.

Address: Wuliaojian Trailhead, 237, New Taipei City, Sanxia District

2. Xiaozhishan 孝子山

This trail is very similar to Wuliaojian in that it has a lot of rock climbing and less regular stairs. On the day that we went, it was pretty humid and it rained halfway through so it made the hike a bit more difficult because of the slippery rocks. Try to go on a nice day when it won’t rain because without proper hiking boots, it’ll become more dangerous to climb. Xiaozhishan is the first peak that is the easiest to reach (around 30 minutes) – even for people who just want to get a picture at the top. If you continue along the trail to other peaks, you’ll get to the fun parts and it’s not as crowded.

Address: Xiaozhishan Trail, 226, New Taipei City, Pingxi District, 石底街24號

3. Teapot mountain 茶壺山

The views though. There are also multiple peaks around Teapot mountain – so many trails to explore! Majority of the hike consists of stairs but there are a few ropes and rocks you have to climb that make the hike fun – especially since the views of the East China Sea is amazing! Technically the fun parts of the hike are blocked off because I think there were a few accidents, but people still go past it at their own risk. Once you’re done hiking, you can take a bus down to Jiufen, a popular tourist spot with lots of food to eat.

Address: Teapot Mountain Trail, 224, New Taipei City, Ruifang District

4. Bitoujiao mountain 鼻頭角山

This hike isn’t very hard at all – it’s mainly stairs. Honestly I wouldn’t even call it a hike but a nice stroll because the path is in extremely good condition. But my favorite part about this trail is that you can take a secret/closed off path down to the water and take a dip in the water to cool off. Bitoujiao also faces the East China Sea. The views are gorgeous when it’s sunny. Bring a swimsuit if you plan on going in the water! (or going in your underwear works too;))

Address: Bitoujiao Trail, Bitou Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, 224

5. Xiongkongshan 熊空山

This is the most recent hike I went on. The trail is extremely unmarked and is a steep climb up. I would say this was the most challenging endurance wise because not only was it humid that day, the trail is along a river so it was pretty muddy. If you don’t have hiking boots, you could get away with wearing sneakers (like my friend did), but I wouldn’t recommend it because your shoes will get dirty and you won’t have much traction climbing the steep areas of the trail – which is about 60% of the hike.

Address: Bear Empty – Red River Valley Crossing Road, 237, New Taipei City, Sanxia District, 北114鄉道

Annie x

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