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My Five Favorite Fitness People

Do you ever find yourself getting bored of the same exercises? Or you’re not feeling super confident about your fitness journey and need a little pick me up? Whenever I am tired of the workouts I do, I like to switch it up and find new exercises to do. The first place I turn to is Instagram. There are many fitness “gurus” on this platform who share their knowledge and their own fitness journeys because they want to inspire and connect with likeminded people. Here are a few of my favorites:

My Five Favorite Fitness People (In no particular order)

  1. Whitney Simmons. I love her personality and her helpful YouTube videos. You can go check out her videos here. I also love her outlook on fitness, that it’s a lifestyle and not a diet. Check out her Instagram.
  2. Ashley Barron. Ashley’s workout outfits are always on point and I also enjoy the workouts she posts on Instagram.
  3. Hannah Bower. Hannah has really good HIIT and full body workouts on her Instagram page. Her attitude towards fitness and food is inspiring.
  4. Cristina Capron. She regularly posts her workouts on her Instagram so I find new exercises through there when I get bored of doing the same ones.
  5. Ashlen Sandefur. I really enjoy watching Ashlen’s Instagram story because she keeps things real, talks about her outlook on fitness, explains how she stays positive, etc. It’s comforting to hear that she has bad days like everyone else.

Now that Instagram has a new feature where you can save posts into collections, it is easier than ever to look up your favorite exercises without scrolling through different Instagram accounts!

Who are some of your favorite fitness people? Leave them down in the comments!


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