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What I Eat in A Day

My mom flew back to Bangkok for a month, so I was responsible for figuring out what to eat every day. When it comes to cooking my own food, I’m a simple gal. The easier the recipe and the less ingredients I need to use, the better. Sometimes thinking of what to eat can be a pain but luckily I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind eating the same thing a few days in a row if it’s really good. My usual go to meals include chicken breasts or thighs, some type of carb source and vegetables.

My typical breakfast and dinner:

On this particular day, I decided to combine breakfast and lunch together so I ate an omelette with jalapeños, some greek yogurt with cereal and a big glass of iced water.

For dinner, I baked my chicken thigh in the oven and stir-fried some veggies with vegetarian oyster sauce. This simple dish was so delicious!

Normally I’ll snack in-between my meals but because I had a big portioned lunch, I didn’t feel hungry before dinner. My go-to snack is apples with peanut butter and once in a while I’ll have a bag of chips or chocolate.

Grocery Shopping in Taiwan:

When I want to cook the food I normally eat in the US, I realize I’m missing a few ingredients here and there, so I have to adapt and learn to make new dishes. It’s definitely nice to have my mom around though because occasionally she’ll cook really good food. 

In Taiwan, it is common to buy groceries at the farmer’s market, especially by the older generation. There’s something about raw meat sitting out in open air for a few hours that doesn’t sit well with me, so usually I’ll buy pre-packaged foods and meat from the grocery store and vegetables and fruit at the market. In the US, people can usually find everything they need all in one place whereas in Taiwan, people will go to different places depending on what they want to buy or they have a favorite vendor that sells specific food like eggs.

One thing I miss about grocery stores in the US is the different food options. I miss foods like kale, hummus, avocado, and fruits like strawberries that are typically available all year round. Trader Joe’s was my favorite grocery store to shop at. Everything is affordable and I love their frozen pizzas.

My style of cooking is simple and doesn’t really follow any specific types of cuisines. I take inspiration from Thai, Chinese, and Italian cuisines and make food that tastes good to me. My mom on the other hand can cook many types of cuisines such as Taiwanese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Indian.

What are some cuisines you like to cook?


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