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Chubby Fish in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a cute Southern city with lots of delicious food and seafood. Chubby Fish was one of my favorite meals in Charleston and definitely one I would recommend to anyone visiting!

I try to do a bit of Instagram research before I arrive in a city. I’m looking for restaurants, local stores, and places to check out. I was following Chubby Fish about a month before I arrived in Charleston, and I was really excited to check them out.

The location is comfortable and doesn’t seat many people. The menu changes daily, depending on what seafood is available. I love restaurants that have menus that change often because that just keeps things fresh. If I ever own a restaurant, that’s what I would do too.

My friend Enya noticed that the shapes of the oyster differ from South Carolina and New England. New England oysters are a lot more rounded like the size of a palm, whereas the ones in South Carolina are long and skinny. This is because of where and how the oysters grow. In New England, there is more space and stuff for oysters to grow on, so they each have their own little bubble. In South Carolina, there isn’t as much space so they grow on top of each other.

Dish: smoked mackerel curry

This one has a little bit of heat. Enya didn’t feel it because she loves heat, but my mouth is quite sensitive so I can usually taste and feel it when even black pepper is added to a dish. There’s rice underneath the top layer and wow. I don’t think you can group this curry into a specific cuisine, but it was very flavorful and made me want to eat more despite the heat.

Dish: tempura frog legs

I have never eaten frog before. And like many other non-traditional animals, it tastes like chicken. A juicy tiny chicken with only meat in the thighs.

Dish: braised grouper cheeks

I didn’t know this was a thing! First I learned that fish had cheeks. Then I learned that the cheeks are the meatiest part of a fish. And man it was delicious.

Something to know about American South: they are very friendly. It’s referred to as Southern hospitality. Before I started my road trip, my friends who were from the South would say, “Yeah, they are really nice but sometimes you don’t know if that’s really who they are or if they are a jerk underneath.” So far, I feel like they are nice because they are nice.

Dish: I can’t remember the name of it

This was a breather for all the heavy dishes we already ate. Honestly, I think every nice restaurant should make it mandatory to have a dish that cleanses the palate before moving on and eating more.

Dish: not fried chicken waffle ice cream

It looks like a fried chicken through and through, but it’s ice cream! They used a chocolate wafer as the “bone”, ice cream as the “white meat”, and waffle crumbs as the “fried” part. Genius, cute, and a nice ending to the meal.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are visiting Charleston, South Carolina. Check them out on Instagram @chubbyfishchs.

xo Juliet

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