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Monday, October 14, 2013

lucy, an apparel company for active women, partnered with Boston’s Department of Conservation and Recreation to install a 10,000 motion-sensitive LED lights on a quarter-mile stretch of the Esplanade near the Hatch Shell. Rebecca, Annie and I decided to check it out last night after a long day of studying (for them) and a 10-hour work day (for me). I thought we would only spend about 10 minutes there, taking pictures here and there and then bounce. However, we ended up spending about an hour and a half there because it was so beautiful, especially with the Charles River as the backdrop.

The lucy light forest tracks movement and responds to each person passing through it by radiating amber hues of light and complementary tones of sounds for everybody to see and hear. It was “designed to represent that feeling [one] gets from a great workout.” lucy chose Boston for its first installation because of the vibrant active community, and the company will continue its movement across the US throughout 2014 and beyond. Learn more about the lucy light forest here.

I’m going to deviate from the lucy light forest for a bit (but I promise it’ll come in a full circle) and tell you guys more about me and Annie. We are both juniors at Boston University School of Management. She’s from Taiwan; I’m from Southern California. We are currently in a curriculum called Core, which is a semester-long project with a team of 10. In our teams, we have to develop a new product and write up a business plan, which includes aspects of marketing, financing, operations, and information systems. (Note: we are not in the same team or even in the same lectures, but we have the same professors.)

One of things that we learn in marketing is to know your customer. Be able to describe them: what they do, what forms of media do they use, how much time they do certain activities (i.e., reading, shopping, exercising)… stuff like that. I mention this because as I was reading an article about the lucy light forest, I felt as though the company really understood their customer- she “participates in many activities”- and made sure that to emphasize that through their events. With the lucy light forest, lucy wanted to “acknowledge what she is doing and celebrate her commitment to a fit and active life” as well as “everyday movement and provide a beautiful moment to share”. I guess I’m just proud that I was able to identify what they were doing.

On another note, Annie and I are studying abroad next semester! She will be headed off to London, and I will be at Sydney. That just means more posts and more pictures! Whoot!

Written by Juliet, photos by Annie

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