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    Building My Morning Routine

    Setting the tone for the day is important. You want to feel energized and ready to tackle your to-do list. But more often than not, I'd wake up feeling stressed because my brain would become inundated with all the things I needed to get done.

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    My Favorite Cardio Exercises

    Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Your heart is a muscle so working it makes it stronger! I used to be on the swim and cross country teams in high school so I was in pretty good shape. But the older I get, the more cardio exercise becomes torturous. I want to improve my endurance so I can do physical activity without losing my breath so quickly. But I get so bored of doing the same thing. So I looked for new ways to get my cardio in. Here are three forms of cardio I like to do.

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    First Time Making Cinnamon Rolls

    Sometimes I have the urge to bake things after watching cooking videos on social media. One: because it looks delicious. Two: because it looks easy to make. And three: because it's a fun challenge. Read some of my tips for you first time cinnamon roll bakers out there that will help you succeed!

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    January Challenge: Meditation | Challenge #005

    Our “12 Goals in 12 Months” challenge was inspired by The Travel Hack, so thanks Monica! Although we won’t be tackling the same goals every month, we decided to do the first one together. We chose meditation. Both of us have tried meditation before, but we could not get into it. This time we tried different things like different apps and setting intentions. Check out the video we filmed and see how we fared!

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    Find Your Fit: Pilates

    There’s a style of fitness for everybody - you just need to find it. Enter our new series, Find Your Fit. We’ll be introducing a variety of exercises such as gym workouts, barre, boxing, and more. Some exercises we’ve been doing for years, and others will be our first time. Good or bad, we’re here to explore the world of fitness together. First up: Pilates!

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    What I Eat in A Day

    My mom flew back to Bangkok for a month, so I was responsible for figuring out what to eat every day. I’m a simple gal. The easier the recipe and the less ingredients I need to use, the better. In this post I share some of my go-to meals and how people grocery shop differently in Taiwan and the US.

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    Running My First 10K Race!

    For a few months now, I've been thinking about signing up for a race. I missed the excitement from competing in competitive sports. So after mulling over it for months, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a 10K race hosted by the city of Taoyuan.

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    Juliet’s Fitness Journey

    My family used to travel to Taiwan almost every single year when I was in elementary and middle school. My aunts and uncles would squish my cheeks and exclaim, "They are so squishable! You are so cute!" My cousins would say to me, "Not as skinny as your sister! You're a little chubby!" Those were my earliest memories of people commenting on my body, and it really affected the way I saw myself.