Carb Overload

Friday, October 25, 2013

These days, there are three things that can alleviate my stress: blogging, working out, and cooking. I found this poached eggs in tomato sauce on toast recipe that I wanted to make. We added meatballs to the sauce and used baguette instead of toast. We also made garlic bread with parsley and pesto pasta. Who knew parsley had such a distinct smell? It felt so good to have some time to cook after such a long week. But we must have been more stressed than we thought, because…

(Warning: viewer discretion is advised. There may be too many carbs in these pictures.)

Way too much food. But it’s okay because I’m always hungry. I really am. To me, college is four years of insatiable hunger. I’m actually hungry right now…

Written by Juliet

Photos by Annie

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