Blog Resolutions for 2018

It’s been about a year since we made the decision to start up our blog again. It was a way for us not only to keep up with each other’s lives across the world, but also to document our lives after college so we could look back at it far down in the future. The blog was for us, but we hoped that our personal experiences would resonate with people and, in the process, inspire others to go out and live their best lives through the good and bad times.

After a year of pretty consistent blogging – December 2017 was a little shaky – we are so happy for all the things we wrote about, learned, and accomplished.

2017 in Review

Some of the more memorable posts in 2017:

It was important to us that our blog never got in the way of our friendship. We did say that if at any point we felt the blog was damaging our relationship, we’d have to call it quits on the blog. I’m glad we never got to that point!

We tried creating a marketing plan and sticking to it, but we are both too humble to plaster it all over social media and be like, “HEY CHECK OUT OUR BLOG READ OUR BLOG SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG!” Since our blog has lasted through the one-year mark, it’s about time that we think about a marketing plan – it just has to be a marketing plan suitable to our personalities.

2017 was the year we took baby steps back into the blogging world and became familiar with everything again. We spent most of it focused on writing well-thought out blog posts and getting used to the fact that yes, we have a blog! It’s exciting to talk about with people because it’s something we’re passionate about so we can’t wait to share even more stories this year.

Our Blog-Related Goals for 2018

  1. Better express ourselves as writers and to find our voices, the ones that make us unique
  2. Connect with the blogging community more

Sometimes I find our dynamic quite funny – we are friends first, but we’re also a partnership. I’m hesitant to say a team because, to me, a team means there’s a leader. However, this blog is supposed to be a co-ownership between the both of us.

I also think of the blog a way for us to challenge ourselves. For me, it’s to let others lead and be able to give my input without taking over control.

Writing is hard. At least for me. I’m so used to either writing like I speak with no organization of my thoughts or like an essay. This year’s blog goals will continue to push me to find my writing voice and I’m excited to see how it all turns out!

In spirit of this year’s goals, what are some of your favorite blogs? Leave them in the comments down below and we’ll check them out!

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