• Opinions,  Present

    Personal Best Podcast Review

    Personal Best is a self-improvement show where two normal guys find normal people with an eccentric hang up and help them get over it. It's relatable and authentic because the hosts don’t shy away from admitting when something doesn’t go as planned. It’s not heavily scripted, so it’s unlike many self-improvement shows that only talk about the successful big changes in people’s lives.

  • Past,  Travel & Culture

    Hiking the Huangdidian Trail!

    Every time I go hiking, I try to find a trail that’s interesting and fun to climb. I’m not a big fan of just straight stairs up and down because for one, I hate stairs but also that gets boring pretty quickly. The trail I’ll be talking about today was no different.

  • Finance,  Future

    My Personal Finance Past

    I kind of think about my personal finances. Yes in the sense that I am conscious of how I spend my money and how I save up money, but also no because that’s the extent of my thoughts on personal finance. I want to do a bit of reflection on how I thought about my finances in the past.

  • Past,  Travel & Culture

    Chasing Waterfalls in Fuxing District

    As the weather becomes warmer, I’m venturing farther out of my city to discover waterfalls Taiwan has to offer. Last weekend was no different. My friend Daisy and I got on our scooters and made the two hour ride over to Fuxing district where we trekked to two waterfalls, 水簾洞瀑布 Shuiliandong Waterfall and 幽靈瀑布 Youling Falls.

  • Past,  Travel & Culture

    Fun Family DIY Day in Taichung

    Three weeks ago my family and I went down to 台中 Taichung to celebrate Mother’s Day. My aunt signed us up for a fun DIY day at 葵海休閒農場 Kwai Hai Leisure Farm where we got to cook our own food in a kiln and decorate wooden fridge magnets. The farm had everything prepared for us so we just had to show up and follow their instructions for a good time!

  • Diaries,  Past

    Third Culture Kid Diaries: Connecting with Locals and Making Friends

    When you move somewhere new, you’re starting out with a clean slate. You go and create a new community of people you surround yourself with. This can take time and when you’re out in the real world, it takes pushing out of your comfort zone to find that group of people you click with. I share a few tips I've learned along the way to connect with people in a new environment.

  • Health & Fitness,  Present

    My Fitness Journey: A New Perspective

    It’s been a hot second since I made a post about my fitness journey so I thought I’d write a little update on how things are going. Last year, I focused on having a consistent schedule. Towards the end, my motivation started to dwindle. I share some goals I set for myself this year to bring back my motivation to become a healthier me.

  • Diaries,  Past

    Longan Cakes

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what my purpose is in life. Whenever I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I find little things to do that make me feel better like baking for a family member! How do you deal with uncertainties in your life?