• Finance

    Money on My Mind: Changes in My Life | Annie

    We go through changes in our lives that require us to reassess what we want to spend our money on. For me there have been two changes: investing in my mental health and this three month US road trip. I don't spend money on mental health, but recently I realized I needed help. Also with our road trip coming up, money will leaving my bank account a lot quicker than I'm used to. I sat down and looked at how to manage my expenses so I wouldn't overspend.

  • homemade chicken quesadillas
    Health & Fitness

    Quick & Easy Recipe: Chicken Quesadillas

    For everyday meals, I love quick and easy recipes. Anything that takes less than 30 minutes to prep and cook means I can get to the best part, eating, as soon as possible. Recently, my mom bought a Cuisinart griddler and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s multi-functional so you can make different kinds of food like panini sandwiches, steak, and pancakes. The one food I can’t stop making is quesadillas. I’m not a big quesadilla lover, but with this griddler I can see myself eating it for days. To show you how easy it is to make, check out the photos!

  • coffee and journaling
    Health & Fitness

    Building My Morning Routine

    Setting the tone for the day is important. You want to feel energized and ready to tackle your to-do list. But more often than not, I'd wake up feeling stressed because my brain would become inundated with all the things I needed to get done.

  • Diaries

    A Week in My Life: Photo Diary

    Sometimes we forget to take a step back a little bit to appreciate our life and the things around us. I took a few photos throughout the week to capture some things I noticed when I slowed down and observed the world around me.

  • Diaries

    Facing My Fear of Failure and Success

    I am on an important self-reflective journey to take back control of my mind and life. Though it’s just the beginning, I already faced my fears multiple times. My fears took over my life by not only creating a lot of stress but also numbing me from emotions. The stress consumed me. What started out as de-stressing by watching YouTube videos and TV shows turned into a distraction and a way for me to run away from my problems. Because of that, I fell into a deeper rut.

  • Health & Fitness

    My Favorite Cardio Exercises

    Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Your heart is a muscle so working it makes it stronger! I used to be on the swim and cross country teams in high school so I was in pretty good shape. But the older I get, the more cardio exercise becomes torturous. I want to improve my endurance so I can do physical activity without losing my breath so quickly. But I get so bored of doing the same thing. So I looked for new ways to get my cardio in. Here are three forms of cardio I like to do.

  • Diaries

    February + March Challenges: Giving Up Is Not The Answer

    I thought yearly goals were hard, but monthly goals are just as hard.I had planned to write about my February and March challenges but I failed badly. What ended up happening for both months was that I would put off the challenges and give up. I don't have much to say about the challenges, so instead I’ll be reflecting on what happened and how I can improve moving forward.

  • Travel & Culture

    Restless In Tainan

    Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and was formerly the capital during the Qing Dynasty. Today it is known for its centuries old fortresses and temples. During my trip to Tainan, we visited both old and new landmarks. There was only so much we could see and do in 1.5 days so this is a short list, but I'll definitely be adding more to it the next time I make my way down there again! 

  • Travel & Culture

    Restless in Chiayi

    There's still so much of Taiwan I haven't explored so I took the opportunity to do that during the 228 Peace Memorial Day public holiday. My friend and I drove down south to Chiayi 嘉義 for the first night and then Tainan 台南 for the second night. Read on to check out the places I went to!