• Travel & Culture

    Annenberg Space for Photography

    We hung out around Los Angeles the first week Annie arrived in USA. Juliet took this opportunity to explore the city as well, despite living there her entire childhood. One of the first stops: Annenberg Space for Photography, which had an exhibit called "Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop".

  • Diaries

    Video Diaries Ep. 3

    A look into what happened in Annie and Juliet's lives from February to April 2019. Juliet passes through several states: Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Annie talks about how she makes pizza dough, her feelings getting back to the gym and how she's being sustainable.

  • Diaries

    Video Diaries Ep. 2

    In this week's Video Diaries episode, we follow Juliet to Puerto Rico beaches and to museums in Florida and Atlanta! Annie celebrates Chinese New Year with her family and takes you along on her trip to Chiayi and Tainan. Check out our second episode!

  • Health & Fitness

    January Challenge: Meditation | Challenge #005

    Our “12 Goals in 12 Months” challenge was inspired by The Travel Hack, so thanks Monica! Although we won’t be tackling the same goals every month, we decided to do the first one together. We chose meditation. Both of us have tried meditation before, but we could not get into it. This time we tried different things like different apps and setting intentions. Check out the video we filmed and see how we fared!

  • Diaries

    Video Diaries Ep. 1

    Our first video diary!! We wanted to give you the smallest, sneakiest peeks at what goes on in our daily lives and behind the scenes of the blog. We're looking forward to show you more as we create more videos!

  • Opinions

    A Podcast Episode for Everyone | Discussion

    This is one of the few podcasts that we wanted to share because it is applicable to everyone - male or female, young or old. It’s called This is How You Find Happiness After Sexual Assault from the podcast Women of Impact, hosted by Lisa Bilyeu with guest Alexi Panos. See our discussion, but it's best if you listen to it yourself too!