• Diaries

    On the Road: Finding Balance

    One of the most frequent questions I get about being a modern nomad is, “How do you balance everything?” I’ve sat on this topic for several months because I wanted to see if there was A Few Right Answers on finding and maintaining balance. There isn’t. Instead, I’m going to share my stories and what I’ve learned about balance.

  • Finance

    Money on My Mind: Offsetting Surprise Expenses | Juliet

    I'm glad I stayed home in California for about 2.5 weeks cause it relieved stress off of my wallet. Thank heavens for parents, right? Towards the end of December 2018, money was on the top of my mind. I think it was because I was so close to being home that I didn't want to cook anymore, which meant paying for food, but I also did not want to spend money. First world problems, I know.

  • Travel & Culture

    On the Road: General FAQs Pt. 1

    Time to tackle some frequently asked questions by my friends, colleagues, and strangers! I will be breaking down some larger topics in separate blog posts, like budgeting and balancing life. Stay tuned for those, but in the meantime, keep the questions coming!

  • Career

    Massachusetts Conference for Women 2018

    I've had the opportunity to attend a few conferences in the past 3 years, and *whew* it takes a lot of energy and stamina. I just attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women 2018, and I wanted to share what went on there and take some time to reflect on my past experiences.

  • Travel & Culture

    Restless in St. Louis

    Whenever someone asks me my favorite cities so far on this road trip, I say "St. Louis is #1" without missing a beat. Nobody has ever talked about Saint Louis to me, and that is a darn shame. So here I am, saying loud and clear: I LOVE ST. LOUIS!