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    Dear Annie, Andy Warhol is by far one of my favorite museums ever. I can’t believe that I’m saying that because you know that I’m not the biggest fan of museums. I’m bad at appreciating any kind of art that requires interpretation, and I also get bored if I see the same kind of art over and over again (like watercolors and more watercolors).

  • Past,  Travel & Culture

    Gardens at Elm Bank

    I've been more willing to go out and explore since it's my last month left in Boston. Is that true for most people? When people settle in a place and call it home, they don't feel the urgency to explore the entire city whenever possible. But then once you decide to leave a place, all of sudden there is a long list of things that you haven't done yet.

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    Working with a Financial Advisor

    Lately, I feel like I haven't making any progress lately. I've done what I could by analyzing and changing my money-spending habits. What next? I never considered working with a financial adviser before because it seemed crazy to let someone else dictate my personal finance. But what if that's just what I need to get to the next level?

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    Juliet’s Fitness Journey

    My family used to travel to Taiwan almost every single year when I was in elementary and middle school. My aunts and uncles would squish my cheeks and exclaim, “They are so squishable! You are so cute!” My cousins would say to me, “Not as skinny as your sister! You’re a little chubby!” Those were my earliest memories of people commenting on my body, and it really affected the way I saw myself.