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Annenberg Space for Photography

We hung out around Los Angeles the first week Annie arrived in USA. Juliet took this opportunity to explore the city as well, despite living there her entire childhood. One of the first stops: Annenberg Space for Photography, which had an exhibit called Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop.

Juliet: I have several friends who really love hip-hop; whenever I’m around them, it’s all about Ice Cube, N.E.R.D., Snoop Dogg… and even the new kids on the block like XXXTentacion, 21 Savage, Future. They peaked my interest in hip-hop, so I was really curious about this exhibit when I looked up Annenberg Space.

loved the exhibit! It was so cool getting to see where all the OGs started and where they are now. I thought I would go in, clueless about all the artists, but I was like, “Oh my gosh! B.I.G.! Erykah Badu! Nicki Minaj! Tupac! Queen Latifah!” I knew more than I thought!

My favorite part was watching the documentary that was put together about the photographers behind bringing hip-hop mainstream. They talked about their experiences with artists, their style of capturing photos, and how hip-hop has evolved since the 90s.

Loved the exhibit. If you’re around LA and the exhibit is still there, I would recommend!

Annie: A contact sheet is a one-page positive print showcasing thumbnails from a 36-frame roll of negative film. It is a great way to see the creative process of a photographer because you can see the photos all at once and which final images they decided to print.

It was interesting to note that a lot of photographers shot multiple of the same images with slight differences to eventually find the right shot. It reminds me that it’s okay to practice and shoot as much as possible, instead of being too conservative about each frame.

I don’t know much about hip-hop so I couldn’t appreciate it as deeply as someone who loves hip-hop, but I did enjoy looking at the work from a photography stand-point. I would recommend checking this exhibit out if it’s still there!

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