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Air Mobility Command Museum in Delaware

Oh Delaware, The First State. It’s the second smallest state in United States after Rhode Island. And it’s boring. Really boring.

If you do find yourself in Delaware for who-knows-what reason, there is one place you should check out: the Air Mobility Command Museum.

Ever wonder what happens to airplanes once they are out of commission? Well, for certain lucky planes that served the United States government, they end up at the Air Mobility Command Museum. I got to check out the insides of an airplane that served as Air Force Two, which was the main flight transport for the Vice President and First Ladies.

It’s a pretty neat museum because you can walk inside several of the planes and learn how the planes served throughout their lives. There were also planes that did duties in the many wars United States has fought in. You also see the evolution of how planes evolved through the years.

You might be thinking: This is the most interesting thing you have to say about Delaware?! Well, yeah. Everybody that I talked to who knows anything about Delaware is that: (1) University of Delaware is THE party school in America because there is nothing to do in the state, (2) it’s got a lot of old people, and (3) it’s got nice beaches on the southern border.

I tried to get to the beach, but parking was such a pain in the butt that I never got there. (So tip: arrive early for parking at beach.)

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