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Adulting 101: Camping

In “Adulting 101”, Annie and Juliet cover topics that they wish they knew going into adulthood (like retirement savings), as well as topics they want to learn more about (like recycling). Check out other posts here.

Do you want to go camping but unsure of what to pack or what to do? We got you! This is meant for people for plan on camping outdoors, not glamp (aka glamorous camping). If you have any additions that belong on the list, let us know!

With Annie coming to US this summer (finally after 3 years!), we are going on a road trip that mainly focuses on national parks on the Western half of America, including Zion, Arches, Rocky, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton. We’re going to do a ton of camping and hiking, which will challenge us because we’re both used to having people with more camping knowledge than us. Juliet wrote a post about camping from her time at Joshua Tree National Park, and that’s what we’re using as our guide.

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