About Us

Hello! We’re Annie and Juliet – two girls who met during college and quickly bonded over a mutual love for adventure and a thirst for self-improvement. While our personalities are as different as day and night, we complement each other like yin and yang.

We started Restless Feet Adventures in August 2013 to share our study abroad adventures. After graduation, Annie moved back to Taiwan and our blog became a way to stay in touch – not just through social media. Besides our travels, we document our passions for fitness and finance. Our biggest goal is to encourage our readers to stay curious and take a second look at themselves and the world.

We want to be as authentic as possible and show not only our successes but also our failures. Because growth isn’t about becoming perfect, but learning how to live perfectly with what you have. We hope you’ll join us on this incredibly roller-coaster ride called life!

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Name: Juliet C.

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Name: Annie C.

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