A Week in My Life: Photo Diary

Sometimes we forget to take a step back a little bit to appreciate our life and the things around us. To put this into practice, I took a few photos throughout the week to capture some things around me.


This was my view while I waited in the lobby of my building for my aunt to arrive. She was coming over for an afternoon coffee and chat with my mom. I rarely come down here because I usually leave my building through the parking lot so it was nice to sit here and look at my surroundings. We recently hired new security guards who are also in charge of receiving packages. I like these new guards because they seem to be very attentive and try to do well at their job (we’ve had super lazy ones in the past).


On this day, I did my errands after the gym by walking all over town instead of riding my scooter. It was also pouring rain that day…why did I do that to myself? I don’t know. But even while it rained, I enjoyed my walk around town. I noticed things that I normally wouldn’t. For example, there were a ton of fabric stores on this one main street that runs through town. I also noticed how old our town is because a lot of shops I saw have been around for a really long time.


This is the beautiful baby boi that my brother and his wife recently adopted. He is a golden retriever named Max and is the CUTEST dog EVER (I’m biased, obviously). He’s three years old but acts more like a one year old because the previous owners didn’t take the best care of him. He’s extremely active and gets excited when guests come over but can also be really lazy. My mom and I went over to my brother and his wife’s house that day because my mom didn’t know about Max yet. We succeeded in surprising her!


I love this shot. I saw this frame and immediately knew I had to get a picture of this family sitting on the rock with the island in the background. Looking at this photo is a constant reminder of how small we are in this big natural world that we get to call home. They say that staring out into nature can relieve stress and they’re not wrong – even a photo of nature works too! So if you’re ever in need of a stress reliever, you are more than welcome to look at this photo. 🙂

I passed by these fishing nets on the way to a seafood market. I felt compelled to take a photo of them because of the repetition and pattern they create. For some reason, it’s soothing to look at.

This was at the back of a small seafood market we went to for lunch. You can usually find an employee from each restaurant standing by the front of the tables (like the lady in the pink shirt) trying to get you to eat with them. Honestly, they all have pretty much the same menu so you either go with someone who knows their ish or you pick at random and hope it’s good.


Mango season is upon us!!! First mango I ate this year and it was good. Not the sweetest I’ve tasted, but still good nonetheless. It made me appreciate the fruits I get to eat in Taiwan.

What’s something you recently observed in your surroundings?



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