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Day in My Life: Bangkok Edition

I woke up to the sun shining into my room, something that I don’t get back in Taiwan. My childhood bedroom still looks exactly the way it did when I left for university in the States – my cork board full of pictures, my bookshelf full of books and CDs, and small knick knacks scattered around the room. Being in this room feels incredibly nostalgic and makes me smile thinking back to all the memories I’ve created so long ago. That door in the photo above leads to my bathroom, also something I don’t have the privilege of having in Taiwan. So I’m definitely taking the time to appreciate all these things before I leave!

My mom and I went downstairs to Au Bon Pain right by our apartment complex to eat some breakfast. I got an iced latte and a whole wheat bagel with egg, bacon, cheddar. Over the years the prices increased and the portions shrunk – slightly disappointing but still tasted good and just the way I remember it.

After breakfast, I sat by the pool in our apartment to read for a bit before I went for a swim. It was a beautiful and sunny day so I had to take advantage of it! I’m currently reading The Things That keep Us Here by Carla Buckley. I found this book sitting on my bookshelf and realized I bought this years ago and never read it. I’m enjoying it so far.

My apartment is super convenient because there’s a restaurant right by the pool. So when noon came around, I went to eat some lunch there. I got chicken fried rice and some veggies (not sure the name in English). Thai fried rice is delicious and different from other types of fried rice that most people are used to eating. It has a distinct taste but I can’t quite describe it. You’ll just have to go to Bangkok and try it for yourself! What’s also unique is that it tastes so much better if you add lime.

After lunch, I basically sat my butt down at my desk to do some work. I’m currently working as Juliet’s “Youtube Consultant” and am doing graphic design work for her. I had a little cantaloupe for a snack, which were really sweet!!

At night, I made my way to Arsenal Soccer School to play some pickup soccer. This is the group I went to regularly in high school and I’m so glad that it’s still active even though most of the OG people have moved. It was so fun to play again after a year of not playing.  

After getting home from soccer, I had a caesar salad and some sweet and sour soup for dinner. Yummy~

To me, this is considered a perfect day, even though nothing super exciting happened. What is your perfect day like? I’d love to know. Leave them in the comments!!


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