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Less Than 24 Hours in New York

I’m an adventurous person, but not a spontaneous person. In my mind, if you’re too spontaneous… too much spontaneity is how you could end up murdered. (I may be influenced because I just finished reading a murder mystery book.)

Anyways, my friend Enya had just finished listening to Tiffany Haddish’s Audible of The Last Black Unicorn and we were talking about how amazing she is, I Googled “Tiffany Haddish tour” and she was in Boston that weekend. I freaked out and asked if Enya wanted to go, but Boston was sold out. So I asked, “She’s in Connecticut on Friday, would you be down?” Then her friend Ting wanted to join, Enya asked if we should just do a day in New York, Ting moved her flights, I bought Tiffany Haddish tickets, and that’s how we ended up on this spontaneous adventure.

First off, Tiffany’s show was amazing. Her charisma lit up the entire room with her presence, and she’s so down-to-earth that you feel like you are her friend. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to go see her in person, do it.

The closest thing they have to Halal Guys in Boston is the Chicken and Rice Guys, which isn’t bad… but it’s no Halal Guys.

The next morning, we dropped Ting off at the airport bright and early. Enya and I only planned one thing to do while in New York: eat. She brought me to some of her favorite places, starting off with Buvette.

Buvette is part restaurant, part cafe, part bar that has an old European feel. Instead of writing your name down on a piece of paper for a table, the waiters use chalk to write down your name on the doorway. The waiters and waitresses had a French vibe to them, and there were so many little touches that made the place so adorable.

We ordered a Jamon Cru, which was eggs & prosciutto with shaved Parmesan. My favorite parts of the dish were the eggs and the shaved Parmesan. The eggs were so dang fluffy, it was like eating clouds. And the shaved Parmesan elevated the lightness of the dish.

For my fellow friends who love Friends, this is Central Perk!

Next stop was about a 15-minute walk away from Buvette called E.A.K. Ramen. This is Enya’s favorite ramen place in New York.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little doubtful. Senior year of college in 2015, Enya recommends this one ramen restaurant that opened up in Boston, Santouka. She tells me that she’s had it before in Toronto and it’s so good and can’t wait to try it. One day my friends and I go because I said my roommate was a foodie and I trust her stomach, and I left Santouka thinking, “What the faaack?! I think she punked me.” I can’t remember if it was the noodles or the broth that threw me off, but it was all wrong. I went back a second time to give it another shot, and once again I was disappointed. (Note: Enya has saidToronto’s Santouka is much better than Boston’s, so I’ll have to give it a shot when I’m there.)

Even though that happened, I’m always up for giving restaurants a shot. This was good. We ordered the Zebra noodle bowl. The noodles tasted handmade, even though they weren’t. The broth had black garlic oil, which gave the broth some richness but not so heavy that I felt disgusting afterwards.

Then Enya took me to Le District, which is the French version of Eataly, which is an Italian marketplace with a grocery store, several restaurants, and different food and beverage counters. Le District was the same, just French. It was so beautiful. We tried one of their samples, and it was dank goat cheese. Cheese is weird – I couldn’t decide if I liked it or hated it.

Enya then took me to the area around the World Trade Center. I should mention here that we drove around New York and were quite lucky on finding parking everywhere we went.

The last time I was around the World Trade Center, New York was still rebuilding so there was nothing really to see. Now there’s a fancy mall with a metro stop that connects to a bunch of different places. It’s beautiful out here. I loved the architecture of the place because it reminded me of dinosaur bones.

National September 11 Memorial

I only recently realized the beauty of afternoon coffee. I used to be the person who would plan things to do from sunrise to sunset, and never included time to rest. It’s a real exercise for me to tell myself, “You’re a little tired and you have more things to do later today. Go rest. Go chill. CHILL WOMAN CHILL!”

Back to afternoon coffee – we had some at Maman, a simple coffee shop with beautiful cup designs. The chairs looked like they were beds for children, and the color palette was light blue, white, and brown. Simply beautiful.

That was pretty much it for our New York excursion! We got really tired after all the food in our stomachs that we called it a day and slowly went back to Boston.

Man, I already miss New York. It’s one of those cities that I’ve slowly fallen in love with every time I visit, but I would never live there myself.

Till next time!


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