• Travel & Culture

    Restless in St. George

    St. George is a small city - a good escape if you want a break from the crazy big ones like Los Angeles and New York, but still want to have network service. We spent a week in St. George because we wanted to be close to Zion National Park. Check out this list to see what we did in St. George!

  • Travel & Culture

    Restless In Atlanta

    I've been to Atlanta a few times, and it has become one of my favorite cities. It's got everything I love - lots of open space, great food, cool music, and there's always something to do! Check out what I would recommend if you ever visit Atlanta.

  • Travel & Culture

    Annenberg Space for Photography

    We hung out around Los Angeles the first week Annie arrived in USA. Juliet took this opportunity to explore the city as well, despite living there her entire childhood. One of the first stops: Annenberg Space for Photography, which had an exhibit called "Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop".

  • Finance

    Money on My Mind: Changes in My Life | Annie

    We go through changes in our lives that require us to reassess what we want to spend our money on. For me there have been two changes: investing in my mental health and this three month US road trip. I don't spend money on mental health, but recently I realized I needed help. Also with our road trip coming up, money will leaving my bank account a lot quicker than I'm used to. I sat down and looked at how to manage my expenses so I wouldn't overspend.

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    Palm Springs from Up Above

    Palm Springs is well-known for being an Instagram-worthy escape and the stomping grounds for music festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach. I never knew what was at Palm Springs besides music festivals and Joshua Tree National Park. This time, I got to figuring out what more is there to Palm Springs?