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    Money on My Mind: Back to Budgeting | Annie

    I haven’t written down my expenses in a long time so I thought it was time I started it up again. It helps me figure out where my money is going and what I can do to improve my spending. I go through phases where I’ll be really frugal and only spend on the necessities to spending more on things I want without too much thought.

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    2018 in Review | Annie

    I can’t believe the year is almost over in TWO DAYS. 2018 was definitely better than 2017. I spent a lot of time in 2017 doubting myself, caring too much about what others thought of me, and not enough time taking care of myself. In 2018 I put myself out there and I am slowly starting to find myself again.

  • Past,  Travel & Culture

    Restless in Taichung

    I’m not the type of person to plan anything for my birthday but this year my friend and I went on an overnight trip to Taichung and Miaoli to celebrate my birthday. It went from “let’s drive to the beach and sleep overnight in the car” to a full-blown trip.

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    Massachusetts Conference for Women 2018

    I've had the opportunity to attend a few conferences in the past 3 years, and *whew* it takes a lot of energy and stamina. I just attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women 2018, and I wanted to share what went on there and take some time to reflect on my past experiences.

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    Restless in St. Louis

    Whenever someone asks me my favorite cities so far on this road trip, I say "St. Louis is #1" without missing a beat. Nobody has ever talked about Saint Louis to me, and that is a darn shame. So here I am, saying loud and clear: I LOVE ST. LOUIS!