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    Dear Annie, Andy Warhol is by far one of my favorite museums ever. I can’t believe that I’m saying that because you know that I’m not the biggest fan of museums. I’m bad at appreciating any kind of art that requires interpretation, and I also get bored if I see the same kind of art over and over again (like watercolors and more watercolors).

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    Modern Nomadic Finance Baseline

    As I mentioned in my last post, I am becoming a modern nomad! This decision will bring about changes in all aspects of my life: What would my routine to settle down in each city quickly be? Will I finally find some recipes that I can masterfully cook, that will be both healthy and delicious? So many questions.

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    Personal Best Podcast Review

    Personal Best is a self-improvement show where two normal guys find normal people with an eccentric hang up and help them get over it. It's relatable and authentic because the hosts don’t shy away from admitting when something doesn’t go as planned. It’s not heavily scripted, so it’s unlike many self-improvement shows that only talk about the successful big changes in people’s lives.

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    Gardens at Elm Bank

    I've been more willing to go out and explore since it's my last month left in Boston. Is that true for most people? When people settle in a place and call it home, they don't feel the urgency to explore the entire city whenever possible. But then once you decide to leave a place, all of sudden there is a long list of things that you haven't done yet.

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    Hiking the Huangdidian Trail!

    Every time I go hiking, I try to find a trail that’s interesting and fun to climb. I’m not a big fan of just straight stairs up and down because for one, I hate stairs but also that gets boring pretty quickly. The trail I’ll be talking about today was no different.